Friday, May 6, 2016


The following states clearly why Made in the Streets needs your support of prayer and funding.  Young teens like Eunice "fall in the cracks" created by the failures of families and societies.  Made in the Streets exists to bring the possibility of new life to kids like Eunice.  One of our Team members, Linda Ntinyari, has worked with Eunice and written the case history below.  She is now seeking to get the mother and the government to allow Eunice to become part of our family.


Name        :  Eunice Wanjiru
Age           : 13 years
Parents      : Mother - Ann Wambui
                Father - Wachira - Separated
Education  : Class 7
Home        : Kiambu
Base         : Muthurwa
Siblings     : Lillian Wangari - 9 years, Samuel Mbugua - 6 years

Eunice was first rescued by a home in Nairobi called Rescue Dada Centre in 2012 when she was on the streets with her friends. They were living in Lunga Lunga when her parents separated and her mother  was left to fend for her and younger sister who was still an infant. They slept for a while in the streets until they found a house in Muthurwa.

She stayed in Rescue Dada for one year and was then taken to a home in Ruiru called Ruiru Children Home Care Center. She stayed there from mid-2013 to around October 2015 when the owner of the home died. After she died the government found out that while her records said that she had 24 children in reality she had 72 children so the management was told to take the children back to their homes or find a placement home for them.

She was taken back to Rescue Dada where they found her a new home called Blessing Home in Ruai sewage area. She ran away in February because her hand got burnt and they did not take her to hospital or give her any kind of medical care and she also says they were badly treated there.  She went back to her mother in Muthurwa where she has been helping her to do odd jobs.

In early April when she was coming back from an errand in the early evening she was called by an acquaintance who told her she was needed at a certain house by a friend of her mother.  When she entered the house it was locked behind her and she was raped by three men and then taken outside and left to fend for herself. She feared her mother and told a friend who took her to her mother and they told her. Her mother refused to take her to hospital. She took herself to hospital the following day and was given ARVs as a preventive measure and given a prescription for emergency pills. She told her mother who said that she had no money to buy any food let alone medicine. 

She is now pregnant and in dire need of care and protection.

Note:  As you can see, Eunice has been taken from place to place but is essentially on her own unless MITS can take her in.  Thanks for praying for her and helping us take care of kids like Eunice.  Blessings, charles

Saturday, March 26, 2016

MITS Board Meeting

It is great to have friends dedicated to the success of the street ministry who serve on an advisory and guiding Board.  We feel great gratitude to those who will put time and expense and prayer and love into making a way for street kids.  Thanks especially to Suzette and Kevin Wimpy, who are rotating off the Board for the time being. We know they stay committed to the purposes and plans of MITS.

We worked today on a "merit pay" system for the MITS Team.  We think we have a good plan now that can be clearly communicated to each Team member and give them opportunity to excel in their work.

We have a set of committees now composed of Board members and Nairobi Team members that evaluate and plan 1) Kenya operations, 2) the future of MITS and 3) financial matters.

We are continuing our Legacy Campaign, seeking friends who have been blessed by God who will contributed $10,000 toward the Mountain View Camp and toward our assisting Ethiopians to develop street ministry in Addis Ababa.  Has God blessed you?

We are continuing the HandMade Tour -- young people who spend a month in Nairobi at the beginning of summer, then travel in the USA to speak at churches and other groups on behalf of MITS.  Let me know ( if your congregation or group would have the 2016 Tour group come to your place in June or July.

Blessings on all those who will spend a few moments in prayer for street kids -- we need God's help to make a new life for these kids.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Kamulu Church Doing Well

20 women in the Kamulu community have responded to Jesus' call,
been baptized and are part of the congregation. They meet twice a
week and also prepare songs to share with the church. Some of them
help with the orphan feeding program done by Kenya Widows and
Orphans project at Kamulu. 

Bible study in small groups is regular at Made in the Streets and
the Kamulu Church.  Today's study is on Matthew 10 with 30 in the
9:00 Sunday class.

Francis Mbuvi also reports that the MITS students had a Sunday afternoon basketball game with the church in Mathare 4A, and MITS won this one!   And our shipping container has been moved by John Wambu to the Mountain View property so we can begin construction of the Mountain View Camp - keep up with the updates on our web site at View Camp.

Friday, December 4, 2015

MITS 2015 Graduates

2015 Hope School Graduates who serve at Made in the Streets

We are proud of these nine - James Mwangi, Ken Atsiaya, Eliza Wangari, Olive Njeri,
Nzioka Okendi, Charles Ndonyi, Jane Kiama, Victor Otieno, Robin Ndunda
who graduate December 19 as part of the first class of 14 in
Hope Online School of Leadership
Paul Oduor is on the left - he has done a wonderful work as our Kenyan leader.
Thanks to Darren Wilson for great work on this ministry.
Darlene hosted us with a dinner of hamburgers and a GRADUATION CAKE!
And ROBIN is Valedictorian!

Saturday, November 14, 2015



We are involved with as much as possible, seeking to do as much as we can with our lives.  Not that we do a great deal ourselves, but we serve with some truly wonderful people.  Besides Made in the Streets-Kenya, we are starting to build a Christian Camp in an area just east of Nairobi, where we have 40 acres of mountainous land.  We are also beginning a plan to assist young Ethiopians in Addis Ababa to do a street ministry to the many street children in their city of 8 million. We are friends and supportive of Kenya Widows and Orphans program which operates many orphanages in various counties in Kenya.  We have worked closely with a World Bible School program in Kenya that has touched many lives and opened many new congregations.  We are part of a teaching team that instructs congregations in how to hold Vacation Bible Schools and start Sunday schools (the workers in this program are from Made in the Streets and include former street kids).

One or our most joyful involvements is with the HOPE Online School of Leadership, which we believe has and will have great impact and power in the lives of young Kenyan believers who strive not only to "know" but also to "deliver" goodness and HOPE to others.  Following is an article by Darren Wilson, with a note from Paul Oduor, about the first graduation of HOPE students in December - as well as a look at the current program.  Be blessed as you read....

This time next month, I'll be on a plane headed back to Kenya! I am so excited. This will be my 9th trip since 2008. I'm traveling back this time to attend the first graduation ceremony for HOPE School of Leadership. Many years ago, my good friends Charles and Darlene Coulston planted a seed of an idea in me that will produce its first harvest in December as we graduate our first class of young Kenyan leaders. Its been more work than I anticipated (for me and our students) but it has been well worth it. I couldn't have asked for a better partner than Paul, our Director of Operations in Kenya. He's a dedicated worker and has become a great friend.

I fly out of DFW on December 14 and arrive back on the 23rd. Its a short trip this time, but it will be a very special one. The Christmas holidays aren't a particularly easy (or cheap) time to travel, but I am so happy to make the trip for this occasion. The Church of Christ in Childress (Texas) has paid for my plane ticket and taken a great burden off my shoulders. Some of you have also given generously to help make our graduation ceremony an event that will be special and memorable. Thank you, thank you, thank you, all. I'll be sure to take and post lots of photos from the trip. Its going to be an incredible time.
Message From Paul

Paul does such a good job coordinating, offering encouragement and following up with all of our students. Even through we are an online school, we couldn't do what we do without Paul working on the close, personal relationships with sutudents. He is patient, visionary and wise. He shares this with you all:
It's been two years since HOPE School admitted its first Cohort of 24 students. The journey has been a learning, character development and a discovery period for all of us. Launching into the unknown, the good thing is in the process we have built a community of Christian learners who have embraced servanthood as the ideal model of leadership. We have had our ups and downs, and in the period some dropped out and others remained, in our journey. We believe that it does not matter how fast you finish, but how strong you finish is what counts. Looking forward to our graduation in December and out of the 24 students we started with 14 are on track to graduate. All we can say is ' Thank you for your prayer and support.'

We have now 3 Cohorts working towards the 21st Century Christian Leadership Diploma. We have over 60 students in the remaining two cohorts spread all around East Africa. In 2016, we hope to reach all the 47 counties in Kenya, not only to reach the numbers, but to raise a generation of leaders who believe in serving rather than being served, leaders who influence and challenge the 'norm'. Those who lead by example and value people instead of the titles and benefits that come with it.

We have made new partnerships and we are looking forward to 2016 where we will stretch our potential and spread the good news beyond our regular scope as they will open new does for us to do exploits.

-Paul Oduor

Two Weeks To Go

We are in the last two weeks of the school term and all of our students continue to amaze. The last weeks of every term are always spent catching up and turning in last minute assignments. I am constantly reminded of and humbled by the great lengths our students go to engage in this type of learning. Even more, however, is that the assignments have such a profound impact on our students' lives. They are working for something much more significant that a passing grade.

James, one of our Cohort 1 students who will be graduating next month, sent me a text message earlier this week. Its pretty incredible and reminds me that we're going good work with good people.
"Thank you for these HOPE School courses you have given us. I have experienced so much that we read. Its practical and its happening every day. Its happening in the world. I wish everyone in the world can read this Christian Leadership course. These courses have been of great help to me. It has been a great eye opener in my life. I wish you knew what it means to read something and then see yourself in between the lines. Then you see your weaknesses and your personal mistakes. Then above all, you learn ways to correct your own mistakes. Thank you for giving us a pillar to hold on to. Otherwise, we could have given up a long time ago."

- James, HOPE School Student

Asking For Your Help

Each year around the holiday season, I ask family and friends to help fund the HOPE School operating budget for the following year. So far, God has provided in abundance and we've reached our goal every year. We are currently raising funds for our 2016 school year. Our entire operating budget for 2016 is $14,000. That's enough to pay all salaries and support amazing students who want to further their education for an ENTIRE YEAR. If you'd like to support HOPE School for 2016, that would be awesome. If not, please stay in touch and know that I will certainly understand. 

If you want to make a donation towards our 2016 HOPE School budget, you can send a check to our parent organization, Made in the Streets. Yes, they are a 501(c)3 organization and your donations are fully tax deductible. Make sure you include a note on the check that your donation is for HOPE School of Leadership. They will be watching for HOPE School donations and will set those aside for us.

Mail donations to:

Made in the Streets
attn: HOPE School of Leadership
409 Franklin Road
Brentwood, TN 37027

If you decide to mail a donation, please shoot me an email and let me know. I have some small gifts from Kenya that I'd like to send to donors. I'd be happy to mail one to you as a "thank you" for your support and encouragement. 

Thank You!

Thank you for reading. Thank you for praying. And thank you for being a friend. 


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Eastleigh Street Program

Each Tuesday morning the Team at Eastleigh hosts a group of 30 or more boys who are up to about 13 years old at the Center at Eastleigh.  Francis Mbuvi usually goes in on Tuesdays to get reports and encourage the Team, and he often spends some of his time with these boys.  He took these pictures at lunch time.  We tried an experiment of going out to bases and teaching, then taking boys/girls to lunch at a local cafe or kiosk.  But the kids seem to like coming to the Center and eating Augustina's home cooking more!!  Surprise!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Equity Base...and More

Following is Francis Mbuvi's report on a visit to four street "bases" followed by pictures and an appeal for help from you!

   "We started out by prayer at each of the four bases we visited today. Then we had lessons from James, Terron and Larry. At the Equity base, we met with 16 boys mostly under 18; the youngest we guess was around 8. We couldn't help but feel sorry for them.  As Terron rightly put it, "You need to get yourself at a place where God will use you or bless you". When we arrived, a few of them had just put down their "jombi” (leftover food given them from a food kiosk).  As expected, they welcomed us to eat - sad to say we didn't. Instead we asked them to gather around as we told them various stories of how Jesus loves and wants them to know him. After the closing prayer, James took them to a nearby kiosk for tea.
  Our next stop was at Pumwani Base where we found two ladies, one of them was in our program some years ago but ran away (Khadija) and now has a two year girl and another on the way!!  We wanted to pray with them.  They said they would accompany us to Highrise base so we walked together.  At Highrise, we met with 18, both boys and girls, some young and some old. We did not forget to tell about how Jesus wants them to know him despite where they are. Afterwards James bought them lunch.  We went on to Marie Stopes Base. Here we prayed with and taught two ladies and eight guys!! We later headed back to the Center; after lunch Moses and James went to visit one of the street guys who is admitted at Kenyatta Hospital. To God be the Glory, great things he has done and is doing for his people through us!!  Glad you are part of it!!"

Blessings, Mbuvi

Jombi for All

Listening to friends from MITS

Teaching about Jesus
We do need your help.  We want to have a great holiday time in December for young people and children on the streets and the students at Kamulu.  We need about $5,000 for Christmas parties and dinners, gifts of clothing and shoes and books, and local trips for the students to special places around Nairobi where they have never been.  Please help us out - for more info and to let me know what you want to do, write me at